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About Us

About Vessels of Compassion

Brief History of Vessels of Compassion UK


Following the still born birth of Ruth, their first child, Helen knew that she must share the comfort she received from the Lord and people to help people in grief move from a place of grief to place of hope. As a result, a prayer group was launched with a few ladies and Vessels of Compassion Global formerly known as Vessels unto Honour Ministries was formed in April 14th 2001, eight years after the death of Ruth.

Vessels of Compassion Global is a social enterprise of Bereavement Consultancy which provide spiritual, emotional and social support for  people in grief, empower widows and help orphans through sowing seeds of compassion. The book of Ruth and James 1:27 are foundation scriptures that reminds us that “YOU ARE NEVER ALONE”

Our basis of Faith

Vessels of Compassion Global believe and accept the revelation of the Triune God given in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments and confess the faith of the Gospel therein set forth. We believe in the sovereignty and the love of God the Father, the grace God the Son and the fellowship of God the Holy Spirit in creation, providence, revelation, redemption and final judgement of mankind.

Vision & Mission Statement

Our Mission is to care for People in Need and in Grief, provide supplemental education and mentorship to Young People whilst engaging the Church and Community in its support for the well-being of the Individual.

Our Vision therefore, is motivated by God’s love to enable the Individual to achieve a purposeful and meaningful life.

Our Mission & Objectives

Our objectives are:

  • Organise seminars, workshops and conferences to empower individuals  to overcome grief and build a life of hope with meaning and purpose
  • Facilitate the promotion and provision of the essential spiritual, emotional, mental and social needs
  • Establish and promote projects and activities that are user led to generate income for the needy and finances for future projects
  • Establish bereavement centres.
  • Provide telephone help-line for advice and pastoral counselling
  • Befriending through home visits
  • Contact and work with Churches and related organisations
  • Signpost and referrals
General Information

Vessels of Compassion Global is committed to providing compassionate care to people in need and grief, supplemental education and mentor ship to young people whilst engaging the Church and community in its support for the well being of the individual.

We are driven by God’s love and compassion to enable the individual to achieve a purposeful and fulfilling life.



  • Organise seminars, workshops and conference that will facilitate and promote holistic life style.
  • Improve corporate Identity through churches/related organisations to help provide support.
  • Source relevant information that is User led for the Widows.


WHO USES Vessels of Compassion Global?

  • Our beneficiaries are persons in grief, women, widows and orphans who need spiritual, social, emotional support.



  • Members/Partners’ Contribution and fundraising.
  • Bereavement Consultancy seminars, workshops and presentations



  • Prayer, Professional/Skills  and financial support.

Vessels of Compassion Newsletters are produced once a year during our annual September Conference as an update of our progress and our projects for the next 12 months.


A mini-book available on request. This mini-book on Bereavement is a biblical approach to support and encouragement for widows. In the book you will find some practical steps on how to overcome grief, ways that friends and family can render support and suggested ways a local church can provide support for people in grief, especially widows.